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Don't let the IRS intimidate you

Establish us as your intermediate point of contact with the IRS. IRS agents are highly trained in extracting information they can later use against you. Come to us for professionals who know how to combat this.


Ensure yourself a reasonable payment plan, compromise, or abatement with us. We negotiate with the IRS on your behalf so as to provide you with well-versed foundation. You don't have to let back taxes oppress your financial future.


Stay informed of your rights. A skilled IRS agent will be able to circumvent telling you ways to ease your debt. However, we've spent many years dealing with National Standards and can provide defense.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I deal with my back taxes?

Depending on your specific circumstances, we can explore a variety of avenues. We can submit compromise offers, payment installation agreements, or file for an abatement of penalties.


What does it mean to be "non-collectible"?

Be designated as "non-collectible" means the IRS recognizes you lack sufficient disposable income to pay off your back taxes, which causes them to back off for a year or two, until your income increases.


How can I slow down aggressive collectors?

If you're dealing with a particularly aggressive collection officer, take advantage of the appeals process. We can file a couple different appeals designed to either put pressure on the IRS or get your case to another division entirely. Get in touch to explore further.

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