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Team up to protect your financial interests

The last thing you want to do is go into your tax audit without any representation. Even if it seems simple, it will be a highly trained professional versus a regular taxpayer. Let us step in.


Secure representation before you engage the IRS, no matter the setting. You can be audited in three ways: correspondence, or via the mail; office audit, where you must appear at an IRS office; and a field audit, for which at least one auditor will visit, potentially unannounced.


For any of these, do yourself the favor of having an expert at dealing with each of these scenarios on hand. Trust us to remove the burden of stress from you and give you a fighting chance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Wouldn't simply cooperating make everything easier?

Cooperation would seem to be common sense. However, the IRS is entitled to limited information about you. Bring us in and guarantee that your rights are of the utmost interest.


What exactly is an audit?

Officially, it is a verification of your reported financial situation. If the IRS finds discrepancies in your paperwork, they can issue you an audit. Because of their extensive knowledge and the general taxpayer's basic understanding, you are at an automatic disadvantage.


How can you protect me?

IRS officers and audit agents are many things, but one they aren't is uninformed - and neither are we. Ensure you have a proper defense with our experts and extensive resources by your side the whole time.

Call 405-440-0788 to ensure a strong line of defense.

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