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Get up-to-date on all of your tax returns

Turn to our tax relief specialists to alleviate the stress and burden of having to revisit all of your finances for the unfiled years. Whether you're just doing your due diligence or the IRS has contacted you, count on us.


Unfiled tax returns present a lot of complicated processing, and it only gets more intricate when the number of unfiled years piles up. But do not worry! Our highly skilled and experienced team can recreate all sorts of financial histories and get you back in the IRS's good graces.


The IRS has collaborated with several states to combat tax avoidance, so if you feel you might be in danger of an audit, come to us for extensive strategy and assistance in keeping your finances smooth.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it just a matter of filing old tax returns?

Sometimes it is just that painless. However, you could still find yourself in a scenario in which you owe additional money to the IRS. Enlist our representation, and we'll ensure reasonable resolutions.


I thought the IRS only targeted big fish?

As a means of efficiency, that used to be truer than it is now. The rapid evolution of technology has allowed the IRS to ramp up its detection software and methods in order to pinpoint more missing tax returns.


What can I do if they determine I owe money?

Share your story with us! We've been securing affordable repayment for taxpayers for over two decades. From installment plans, to Currently Not Collectible, to Offer in Compromise, to penalty abatement, or to your statute of limitations, rely on us to stand by you.

Call 405-440-0788 today to straighten out your financial history.

Reach out to Carl Weins today to get up to date on your tax filings with the IRS:





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