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Put a stop to the IRS stopping your cash flow

One of the more drastic measures the IRS will take in claiming any debts is taking your money directly from your pocket. Get this particular levy released as soon as possible with our help.


Subvert the largest advantage the IRS officers hold over you: their knowledge. These are, admittedly, very savvy people. Their job is to secure your money one way or another, and a wage garnish induces terrible amounts of pressure on you, the taxpayer.


If you've run into this nightmare, do not fret for long. Entrust us with positioning you for a reasonable, affordable payment plan - one that allows you to pay your bills and feed your family.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be in compliance?

To be in compliance, you must be up-to-date on all of your tax returns. Depending on whether you are filing personal returns or business returns, this could require multiple forms per years being submitted.


How can I return to compliancy?

Being in compliance with the IRS is the first step we must take to secure you a manageable repayment method. Find out from the IRS what years you are missing - but be very cautious in answering questions - and be sure to gather up records for those years.


What are my options?

For repayment, we'll look to obtain one of several resolutions, including installment or partial repayment, declaring you non-collectible, or an Offer in Compromise. Count on us to see to your best future.

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